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Castley Goodness

Havign finished the Bollywood entry, I then got two castles - admittedly my request - and I've almost completed those as well. To make me feel really good, I've even filled out and semi-polished an entry on Fingerless Gloves I rescued ages back. Somehow, it all seems to be coming together!

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Bollywood Dreams

Struggling a bit. Long articles can do this. You try to chunk them up for scanning, review, revision, update and correction - but, then you get stuck on a paragraph, or a sentence, or just the odd phrase here and there. Before you know it, a reasonable task becomes a mythical task suitable for the likes of Hercules. However, I will prevail. I will...

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Evening Shadow - Part 2

Okay - so, it got into Peer Review this weekend, not next. I loved researching and writing this piece because it had so many fascets. I got to read about artists, collectors, Etruscans, awards, holy statues, house spirits and, of course, the statue itself - a beauitful figurine I would dearly love to see in person at some point.

Very little of the original remains now - less than 1%. Alas, in the midst of my research I translated several Italian pages on the statue using Google - and the original article contained a lot of mistranslations identical to those created by the automatic translator. So, rather than a Flea piece, this has become an Inspired by... and I really enjoyed doing it.

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Evening Shadow

Current progress on my Flea Market rescue re. L'Ombra della sera coming along very nicely. I'm finding the research interesting, and noting that very little of the original will remain once I'm done. Right now, I've expanded the piece to double the original length, and subdivided it into sections around the history of the people who made the item, those who discovered it, and the theories about its purpose. I daresay less than 5% of the original will survive in the final edit - though who knows, it might be a little more.

I suspect it will get into Peer Review by next weekend - and then we'll see how it fares under scrutiny. It would definitely be nice to have a picture with this article - because, I find this elongated masterpiece utterly fascinating.

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Since Olden Times

Yay! I finally managed to finish writing my entry on the Australian skit series 'The Olden Days' - A1108874. I'm particularly impressed that this has taken me more than seven years to complete. I suspect I might have taken my eye off the ball for a while there (and gone home, had a shower, changed, cooked dinner, eaten, gone out for the evening, staggered back, collapsed on the sofa, woken bleary eyed - and suddenly realised that I'd forgotten to do something).

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