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We have met the enemy and he is us.

Hi, I'm Liam. Right now I'm spending my days hanging by my tail from the rear axle of an RV wondering what life has in store.

I was only on the placenta for three days before being deposited in my mothers pouch.

I had to swim up my mothers abdomen, find the pouch and attach myself to a teat. I only weighed half as much as a paperclip. Mom helped by licking her stomach.

It was once believed that the male opossum mated through the female opossum's nose. She then sneezed the young through her nose and into the pouch. Of course, this is not true. There are several reasons why this belief was held. One reason is that opossums are so small at birth it is difficult to witness the event. Observers had seen the female with an empty pouch one day. The next day she was seen with her nose in the pouch making sneezing sounds.

Another reason for this belief is the shape of the male opossum's penis. It is bifurcated, like a 2 pronged fork. It was believed that the shape of the penis was a perfect fit for the female opossum's nose. This isn't true either. The female has an internal, bifurcated reproductive tract as well.

I had 20 brothers and sisters, but most of them didn't make the swim successfully. It's probably just as well since my mom had 13 teats and not all of them were functional.

We stayed in the pouch for ten weeks until we were too big and had to climb onto mom's back. There we learned survival skills.

When I got lost I would make sneezing noises and mom made clicking sounds so we could find each other.

I went out on my own at five months and started my own family two month later.

I ate anything I could find, even beet soup and mayo.

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