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NaJoPoMo Day 27: Random Restaurant

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Hello people. Today I thought I would tell you about my restaurant idea. Don't ask me where the hell this came from, because I can't remember. And please consider this to be a patent.

Here is how it works: on the face of it you walk in to a normal restaurant and are seated by a waiter, who brings you a menu, from which you order. In due course you will be served but you will not necessarily recieve what you ordered. So you could order a steak sandwhich and be presented with a prawn cocktail. And you will have no cause for complaint, this is how the restaurant (and I spelling that right?) works. Anyway, you pay for what you ordered, rather than what you are served, so you might end up getting a bargain, or you might end up paying over the odds for something less than you wanted. Them's the breaks. Actually, that's now what we're calling the restaurant.

Don't worry, your health has been taken in to consideration. If you request vegetarianm or vegan, or dairy free, or whatever, our highly trained chimps will ensure that you are not fed anything unsuitable. And you can also reduce your risks if you're dull and happy to pay a bit extra. You can either except the random throw of the dice for any item on the menu at regular cost, or if you wish to pay an extra 10% on your price you can limit your options so that you will definitely get something from sweets, or starters, or light bites, or whatever. There are other rules. You have to pay double if you fail to finish the item you have been served, unless you can provide a doctor's note. If the thing we were going to give you in place of the thing you actually ordered is off the menu for any reason you will informed and will have to order again. There is also a specials board, but you can't see it. It is just a list of additional items that you might get served with over and above the viewable menu.

There are many other permuntations to consider, obviously, but that's what I've got so far.

What do we think?

NaJoPoMo Day 27: Random Restaurant

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Amy Pawloski, aka 'paper lady'--'Mufflewhump'?!? click here to find out... (ACE)

Sounds great for someone who can't make up their mind anywaysmiley - laugh

NaJoPoMo Day 27: Random Restaurant

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Icy North

There was a chain of restaurants in the South of England a few years ago called Colley's Supper Rooms. It was run like a private dinner party. Everyone would arrive at the same time for the dining session, you'd have a drink then sit down at long tables, and be served the meal. I'm pretty sure there was either no choice (or very, very limited). The food was great.

NaJoPoMo Day 27: Random Restaurant

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deb - I'm in love with my soup maker & I don't care who knows it

I'd probably eat there, but on the understanding that when the bill came I would pay the price of the waiter's beverage of choice from the nearest fast food restaurant.

Deb smiley - cheerup

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