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"How to Scare the Fourth Years"
This was the notice up about registration for my special subject module (this year long fandango that I have to go through).
"Registration will be at 9:45 PROMPT in Room 1.17. Attendance is obligatory. Death Certificates Accepted."

Below it was the next, for another course: "All latecomers and non-attendees will be subject to terrible humiliation and punishment."


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Latest reply: Sep 29, 2003


well that's the nearest I've ever got to bolting from something I undertook to do, in my life, ever.

I was so scared of making a public commitment to my faith that I was nearly straight out of the bapistry and over the fields just before the ceremony got underway.
Didn't help at all that I hate talking in public, and 80 people rocked up to support me, and I hate crying in public, but talking about my faith always makes me howl.

But after the talking, I was fine, the dunking was wonderful, I felt kind of fresh afterwards.

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decided NOT to fill in the little comments box at the end of the Foreign Office online application form

Somehow I thought that writing "I spent three hours in June and three hours now figuring and getting through all of this, the sessions time out to sodding fast, the code from the practice test (which you HAVE to do) expires so you have to redo the test (and try and remember as many answers as poss. smiley - winkeye ), and there's no alternative way of doing it (and it's not Mac compatible but that doesn't affect me). I think being able to jump through all your hoops should get me in alone" was conducive to getting a job!
so darn annoying!!!!
and I have a stiff neck from staring at the screen all the time

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Ok, back home now. Is a little strange. Is parents 25th anniversary so can't just collapse in a heap either...
Spent eight hours at Heathrow yesterday waiting for the bus home - time spent adjusting. Think I must have spent the first couple of them looking petrified. It was sooo unnerving (and expensive!!) But now I'm unpacked, pretty carved table in the corner, a window sill full of carvings and sandstone to pack to take up to uni with me, and 19 films ready to be sent off...

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little green men in rwanda

appologises if letters are wrong; I have an incredibly wonky keypad - q is where a should be, a is where w should be etc....

anyway - am in Kigali (Rwanda capital) which has traffic lights and little green men at some junctions! which people actually obey!!!
this is very unusual for africa, but kind of suits Rwanda which is a crazy mix of extreme Africa - the city sprawls shanty-like across its hills - and western stuff, probably something to do with the huge nos. of NGOs and UN stuff out here.
However, still havent seen many mzungu, so for the kids in the countryside we are veryt odd!

anyway - we came to rwanda in a matatu smuggling shoe polish; off all random things, but it meant they took good care to keep us sweet, help us over the border and not drive too crazily
Kigali is a huge mess; still recuperating from the fighting, but very appealing none the less, and it has all the typical african street hawkers and kids.
yesterday we trawled the woodcarving stands and picked up a few goodies... Fi wants to bring home a cow skin rug!

today we went to one of the genocide memorials; at Nyamata, wxe got there after a bumpy bus ride, and got off too early but we did manage to land ourselves with a guide Gilles; a secondary school student; who walked us to the church and showed us round - his parents and some of his friends died there, its weird to realise that everyone over 10 experienced the genocide, and nearly everyone zill have connections to some of the memorials;

the church is a small place - about 10000 died inside it, in an attack that began zith grenades, another 10000 werer rounded up fro, the nearby countryside and killed in the church compound; The locals have dug some crypts in which skulls and bones are displayed, and there is a coffin - in an Unknown soldier kind of way - of a pregnant woman zho died in the massacre;

Rwanda itself is gorgeous - rolling hills; and snaking flood plains in between, the hills are very dry, it is the ,iddle of dry season, but the plains are a sea of green: tea, coffee, sugar cane and papyrus...
tomorrow we are heading south to Nyungwe forest; and back to uganda on sunday

oh and for those interested in the transport -( today we got piki-pikis - motorbike boda-bodas; which we sat on pillion and zoomed up the m
ain road-hill to the city centre!!!

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Latest reply: Aug 20, 2003

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