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Er, I didn't write the Brunel editor. I did the one in Pliny.

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Sorry Pastey

I should have changed that.

I did not say you wrote the Brunel - I found it on the Brunel skin
before I realized it was on Pliny.

Up dated it now.

Did you get my email request about letting me back into my old stomping ground - area 42 ?

all the best
vegimansmiley - smiley

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I did, but it's been a busy week, wedding anniversary and then my birthday smiley - smiley

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smiley - magic Well Happy Birthay - How many is it now smiley - ok

Wedding Aniversary too - I didn't know you still had someone who could put up with you having a second wife h2g2 smiley - cool

I would appreciate it, I know you are busy.

all the best
A long winded email will be on its way over to you soon.

Did I hear smiley - yikes echoing over h2g2 smiley - evilgrin?

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