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I don't believe this!!

Doesn't RL really know just how to sock to you.smiley - sadface

After the events of Monday, at Tuesday lunchtime, I discover to my horror that I am passing significant quantities of blood in my urine; so it's back to the same hospital, and I was admitted overnight. Bleeding stopped in the next 12 hours and I am now back home, but I have to go back next week and see a man with a very small camera smiley - yikes

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Mum 1917- 2007

My mum passed away at 0915 this morning; I have just returned from the hospital. She had been suffering from leukemia, and the past week has not been pleasant for any of us. Her condition deteriorated rapidly after last weekend, and we had to call an ambulance on Tuesday morning.

She was quite content to die and had no regrets. She said that she had had a good life, the best husband and the son she always wanted.

God keep her smiley - rose

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Spring Meet 2007

And hootooers everywhere; now a-bed
Shall think themselves accurs'd they were not there
And hold their tankards down whiles any speaks
That drank with us at Shakespeare's Head that day.
- After Henry V, iv, iii

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New arrival

smiley - biggrinYippee, I've got a new grandson. Born at 0420 BST smiley - grr this morning.
smiley - run off to see him soon smiley - bubblysmiley - ale

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Horizon - Mining the Moon

Hey, did anybody watch Horizon on BBC2 last night? I was absolutely appalled smiley - steam. It is being proposed to STRIP MINE the moon to recover large quantities of Helium-3. This gas could be used as a fuel for a low-temperature fusion reactor.

Yet again we are being offered the carrot of unlimited, cheap energy. This was the same argument put forward for nuclear power stations in the 1950s. Ths was accompanied by the promise of a huge increase in leisure time, to the point where the problem might be what to do with it all *haa!*

The only price we have to pay is the rape of our lovely Moon and a ransom to whichever commercial organisation gets its foot in the door first. Goodbye Middle East, welcome to conflict on the Dark Side of the Moon. smiley - grr

The link below to the programme also gives you the chance to vote against this monstrous idea. Please vote.

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