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Flash Bang Wallop

At one point yesterday afternoon, three events occurred in the same split second:

1. there was a single, deafening clap of thunder
2. there was a brilliant flash of lightning
3. my internet connection died

None of these three returned.

Despite several attempts to power the BT Homehub wireless router off and on again and reset it, the ADSL refused to connect again smiley - sadface

Fortunately, I have a spare wireless router and was able to avert insurrection by other family members by providing alternative, temporary service.

This morning, as a last resort before reporting the faulty unit to BT, I tried the good old help desk trick of resetting it to factory defaults. Lo and behold, after entry of a few parameters, it sprang back to life again smiley - somersault

So if you have a BT Homehub and suffer a lightning strike, it's worth trying a factory reset before deciding it's dead.

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smiley - gift Today is my birthday - thank you America for all joining in with my celebrations. I have reached an age when I am at last able to enjoy the benefits of the UK's wonderful social benefits system:

1. free medical prescriptions - needed to keep my aged body afloat
2. free transport on the buses - so long as I'm not in a hurry and don't have to carry anything smiley - erm

Still, musn't grumble eh?

I don't know what's going to happen today yet - the family have kept me in the dark so far - just that I have to be ready to leave the house a little before noon for a lunch.

One thing I have started is a wonderful bottle of smiley - redwine - a 1993 Margaux I've been keeping for the occasion. I bought it years ago - it would cost of fortune now.

smiley - cheers all, I'll report back later, although it might be tomorrow. Anything more I write today is likely to be totally rubbish (who said no change there then?) and can safely be ignored.

smiley - bubblysmiley - bubblysmiley - redwine

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Going up!

The h5ringer family has just grown again. #2 daughter delivered a 6lb 9oz baby girl at 10.30 this morning smiley - somersault Both doing fine. She woke up at 7 and felt a few twinges, called the midwife at 8 who arrived with just half an hour to spare. She (#2 daughter) has now got her feet up and is wondering what to do for the rest of the day.

I now have 3 children and 7 grandchildren smiley - bigeyes

This also means that the young lady (name not 100% confirmed yet but it's almost definitely Amelia) is going to have to share her birthday with her big brother, who is 2 today smiley - bubbly

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Wrote it, seen it

A few months ago I wrote an entry on folk singer/songwriter Tom Paxton: A43407768, which made it into the EG.

Well last night I had the opportunity to see the man live at a concert in London. I should say right away that Mrs h5ringer is the *real* fan. I have just been carried along with her for the past 40 years. Anyway I bought tickets for his concert and gave them to her as a Christmas present. So last night we went, and I was able to say 'Happy Christmas' in the lobby of the hall - don't know what everyone else in the lobby thought was going on.

What an evening. Tom was accompanied by just a guitarist/backing singer, and gave two great sets. A good mixture of old and new songs - something for everyone. And a good age range the audience covered as well. Not just people of my age who, if we'd not quite grown up with his music, had certainly matured with it, but younger folks as well.

The music aside, what amazed me was the energy Tom still has - he's aged 71 now - not only for the concert, but straight afterwards in the lobby, chatting and signing stuff for a huge queue; it would have gone on for a hour or so at least. And last night was only one night in the UK tour - he's appearing tonight in Birmingham.

Needless to say, Mrs h5ringer was enthralled, so a few brownie points for yours truly smiley - biggrin

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Utter disgrace

The behaviour of Jonathon Ross and Russell Brand is an utter disgrace. An apology from the BBC to Andrew Sachs and his grand-daughter is nowhere near adequate. Both Ross and Brand should be sacked forthwith and banned from ever appearing on the BBC again. Further, if, as is being reported at present, a senior BBC producer or executive passed the tape for broadcast, then the same sanction should apply to him or her.

In addition, both Ross and Brand should be required to make a substantial donation to a charity of Mr. Sach's choice - a figure equivalent to one year's salary each should be considered the minimum appropriate.

smiley - steam

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