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subbing 'Mahler's Symphonic Premieres - 2nd Symphony'

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Hi h5ringersmiley - smiley

I'm subbing your entry on Mahler's 2nd symphony, which can be found in its edited version at A11949393. If you could investigate and make sure that everything looks as it should, that would be most excellent.

smiley - cheers

subbing 'Mahler's Symphonic Premieres - 2nd Symphony'

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Greetings EMR. Some observations:

1. All key signatures should be upper case - there are 5 instances where they are lower case.

2. I would prefer the second sentence of the opening paragraph to read: "In addition to the traditional symphony orchestration, it includes parts for soprano and alto soloists, and for a mixed chorus."

3. ...and finding time to hold rehearsals in Berlin -> ...and find time to hold rehearsals in Berlin

4. Footnote 3 - space missing between Weber's and Oberon

Other than that, it looks ok (I hope!)


subbing 'Mahler's Symphonic Premieres - 2nd Symphony'

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Thanks, I made those changes. Except for the bit about keys. Perhaps UK usage is different, but in the US I've been taught that major keys should be capitalised, but minor keys should be designated with a lowercase letter. I checked in my UK English-US English dictionary, though, and couldn't see anything about it, so I've left them the way they are for the moment.

I'm getting to know Mahler quite well, though, as I've also polished your story 'The Pilgrimage' for the UnderGuide. That's at A12654209, if you could check out what I've done to that as well.

subbing 'Mahler's Symphonic Premieres - 2nd Symphony'

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In the UK, the convention is upper-case. My bible in these matters is 'The Oxford Guide to Style' which says:

"Letters indicating key are upper-case, whether major or minor. There is no hyphen if flat or sharp is included....An alternative, useful for saving space and preferable in stating chord progressions, is capital C for major, lower-case c for minor. This convention is common in US music notation..."

I'll have a look at 'The Pilgrimage' later.

subbing 'Mahler's Symphonic Premieres - 2nd Symphony'

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Okay, thanks for clarifying that. I'll change those back and then return the entry to the editors.

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