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Latest reply: Dec 24, 2000

late on thursday 10th june

i've jsut got to get past all those moanin entries!! woodpeckers, robins, wrens, long-tailed tits, blackbirds that can learn Charlie Parker.... these were on my way home tonight 

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Latest reply: Jun 10, 1999

living with people

this is not something i really want to do!

it doesn't matter how much you love someone - is it worth it? Do i ever want someone in my house, in my bed!! judging everything i do and occasionally telling me the verdict when the resentment has built up to breaking point? do i have to fit in with someone else's routines or go on their choice of holiday? do i want to never be able to order in pizza because they don't like it or have to watch the news sixteen times a day because they do? do i ever need to be told the way i ought to be or the way i am by another human being? do i ever want to have to only associate with the people that are "approved"? NO NO NO NO. Love has nothing to do with it! 

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Latest reply: May 28, 1999

zimbabwe beats india

heheh - not bad for a bunch of chicken farmers - hey?? fingers are crossed for match with england on monday. 

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Latest reply: May 20, 1999

tuesday morning

what biological advantage does snoring confer? i fail to see how something which could drive me to the homicide of my nearest and dearest could possibly be selected for!! tired, grumpy, pissed off - signing out.... 

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Latest reply: May 18, 1999

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