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Hiya, team-mate!

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Hi there DF,
I thought I'd have a look at your page as we are team-mates in the great sporting machine known as E Vibenstein's Showbiz XI! smiley - smiley
But, having read some of your recent postings, I realise that we have more than that in common, since I too lost a job this year. There's no denying the fact that it's a traumatic experience, but I can honestly say that since then I have enjoyed life much more. All right, it's different for me because I'm not a parent - but I was really worried about dealing with the DSS, and have found them at every turn to be perfectly reasonable and nothing like the monsters I'd feared.
In my case, the release of stress after working for a truly appalling employer was immeasurable. I had to get out before I realised how much damage the job had been doing me, both mentally and physically - the latter manifesting itself in high blood pressure and heart trouble, both of which mysteriously vanished shortly after I was freed from a certain major publishing company in south London.
So if you look at my page (which I hope you will) the above explains why there's so much needle towards bosses and corporations there - in amongst generous helpings of fun and football! (End of advert). BTW, the bit about me working on a footie book is completely true, but it's still at such an early stage that I haven't seen much money from it yet! smiley - sadface
Anyway, I really do wish you well. Now let's get back out there and give it 110%, eh? smiley - smiley

Hiya, team-mate!

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Drool Frood the Second

My dearest Ormondroyd thanks for your kind words!!!
I've just been on a tour of your home page.WOWOWOWOWOWOWOW!!!!
I wish I could make my page as interesting.It must have take you ages to do.Unfortunately I'm not a HTML or Java bod although I'd like to learn.I'm one of those weird UNIX people,you know the one's who
know where to put the -d commands!!
I believe we have a lot in common.This is my 3rd time at playing
redundant and I'm getting fed up with it.Unfortunately in the IT business,if you get 5 years in one company its good going!
I too am an ardent football fan,I follow Chelsea and have done all my life.No I'm not a hooligan,I can't afford to go to the matches there anymore but I still watch them on tele at every opportunity.
I also follow Harrow Borough (the club bar is nice!) and Hayes.
You can imagine with the recent announcement of the F.A. third round
I'm really hoping Hayes will beat Hull this week.
The thought of Chelsea playing at Hayes ground is magic and the gate
will really help the club.I've no doubt that Cheslea will hammer them but on considering their recent performance at Everton it could be touch and go!!!!
I'm also a fellow CAMRA member,Ealing have a beer festival every year
and I go to get completely wasted on superb bitters and Cider.
Nice to chat anyway, keep up the good work (I'm a 1957 vintage !!)
I'll try to be a good goaly!!!

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