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Hi Christina,

I too am a mostly mad single mum into Mr Adams. I am an IT contractor currently working as a trianing in and around Europe; Munich last week, Paris this week; Bit cushy. I am fro, Nottingham; My kids are not old enough to realise I am mad yet, they just think I am Mum and "bringer of food" - they are 2 and 4.

Typos due to french keyboard


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Drool Frood the Second

HI Kya,
Maybe then you have not got into the joys of the school holidays yet!!!
I found it difficult enough with one but have ever do you manage with 2.
Im lucky because my mother has my daughter during the week in the summer holidays and so I've got a life for 6 weeks yippee!!!!!!!
I end up just drinking too much and eating lots of junk food -but hey this year I'm really going for it Im----Decorating!! Oh joy oh bliss.
Well I suppose I can be creative if nothing else.
What are you up to?


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I went home this weekend, to Nottingham and my kids went mental. They loved seeing me. Their Dad agreed to live with them for the duration of this contract but I have mixed feeling on the wisdom of my decision on that one.

Some day s I do bugger all and some days I work till 10pm - then get pissed. The team here drink a lot but I wish they would "party" too, more often than not we all just stay in the hotel bar that we all "live in".

How about you?


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Drool Frood the Second

Well I'm not getting much travelling done at the moment because the
Passport agency have got my passport!!!!!
My daughter is going to Lanzerote for 2 weeks with my family.
Im not going so she needed her own cut a long story short
they've still got it (since end of May) and she goes away on 12th Aug.
I've had to turn down three trips to Europe (Milan,Dusseldorf and
Stockholm) Needless to say I'm a bit p***** off about it!
It seems to go with the industry we work in that we are all p** artists.I am no different!
I have my freedom now for 6 weeks and the current man in my life decided to get plastered yesterday afternoon so I ended up at home
watching telly on my own.I was not a happy bunny.
Nevermind its pay day on Wednesday so I'm definitely going to PAARRTY
then.There's a Comedy Fesival on in Ealing this week so I think
it deserves a visit. I shall swallow copious amounts of beer and vodka
and stagger home very late!!!!
I think the decorating's on hold for this week!!
Speak later.


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I went to the Ealing Comedy festival lqst year (could have been the year before I suppose!) - it was great, pissed out of my box in the park, way hey.

you are right it goes with the industry...usually I would say "work hard, play hard" but in this contract it is "sit around all day mailing people, play hard"

thing is, i dont want to quit cos i am in paris, all expenses paid..all flights, food, taxis and travel...i just pay to get into all these tourist attractions. for travel this is the best project ever...milan in a week or two, then maybe brussels,munich last week, then the nordic regions for a month. anyone who misbehavious (sic: drinks too little) gets sent to stevenage!!

i have a bloke at the mo, he is on a contract in manchester. we saw each other this weekend and had a fight, he doesnt cope very well with the distance, i miss my kids but the distance between me and other people doesnt bother me too much

this guy is fun, but he is tight - he earns four ti,es what i do and i still end up paying for things more often than him! still, he is coming out here this weekend, paying for his own flight even!

sorry about the typos and stuff but i am on a french keyboard and they have moved all the letters around!


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Drool Frood the Second

Does this guy ask you to pay?
I used to offer but I've got wise now.If they want my company they have to treat me like a lady.And a lady NEVER pays!!!!
Still he must be keen if he's flying out to see you.
It must be great being in Paris.Has the Tour de France finished yet?
Ive been told the last day is really good fun in Paris!
My man made up for his drunken behaviour last night!!-nuff said!
Hes not working today so Ive got him doing the housework-getting him well trained-I've even asked him to cook dinner tonight.It might be
Beans on toast but its the thought that counts!!!!
Speak to you soon


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We go halves on most things, did I tell you he earns like four times what I do? Anyway, like you said - it is a long way to come

I like being independent and I like to be treated right, holding doors, chairs, speaking to waiters - I was brought up to be quite a snob! This guy just can not do it, so at least we are equals. I have no idea what I see in him but it must be something!

Do,estic servitude is something all men should experience regularly, I think it is healthy for them!

Glad to hear you are having fun.

I went to le Bastille last night, a big restaurant and bar area; The food was dreadful but the cocktail bars were much fun. I found a mexica beer called Desparados that has Tequila in it and a nice cocktail called Woo Woo that I have no idea about but it was lurvely

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