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knock knock

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R#35555(Dust and Lint Department)

HELLOOOooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!??? anyone home?? I emailed you a few times and haven't heard from you so I figure u must be bz but if I am enough of a pest eventually i will hear from you.

smiley - winkeye


knock knock

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Drool Frood the Second

Hellooo! to you too!
As you know Ia m knee deep in project work at the moment so I have not had a chance to talk to anyone.
Today is the first day thatI've logged into h2g2 for ages!
I'm only here today because the software upgrade I was expecting is naff so they couldn't load it.My boss is out for the afternoon so I have time to play for a bit.(Still got loads of work just don't feel like doing it!)
Well my dear friend I still haven't got round to sending that tape and photo but rest assured I will do soon.
I'll email you.
Oh yeah good news I'm going to be able to use my work mailbox from
home soon.The guys are going to configure it for me.SO I will be able to talk to you more often.
Speak thru email soon smiley - smileysmiley - kiss

knock knock

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R#35555(Dust and Lint Department)

Heyas!!! Just popping by to see how u were. The milk has gone off so i threw it out and i misted the ferns, they seemed thirsty. also i had one of ur beers, i'll replace it next time im thru.
take care.

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