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Prophesy and prediction

I've been working on a new website of my own over the last few weeks. I was discussing pseudoscience, prophesy, fortune-telling and suchlike with a friend one evening and we got onto the fact that you get lots of seers and futurologists making predictions ever year but then not really looking back at them after the event (unless of course they came true!). We thought that there should be a inpartial place to store predictions and then let the people at large decide which ones came true or not. Hence was born!
You can view predictions other users of the site and professional seers have made and mark how well they have done. There's also an attempt to pick next weeks lottery numbers there and a few articles on the history of prediction and the people involved.
Still got a bit more work to do on it, but it's good coding practice if nothing else!

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Back again again

Well, it's my annual pop my head around the door of H2G2. Maybe this time I'll look round a bit more...

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Back again

Well, I'm back again with a new name. Seems Cabby is too short and so Cabbyii is born! Strange how my online nicknames seem to end up getting wiped by systems. My original character, Cabbage on Shades ended up getting wiped in the database reboot, giving birth to Cabbageii, so I guess there's some sense of history repeating itself there.

Been a while since I've popped in. Real life getting in the way there I guess. Wonder what's changed...

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Well I'm back!
Had a great time in Dublin. Concert was superb.
Got to Slaine by about 12:30, having spent the morning trudging through the rain to be greeted by bright sunshine for the afternoon smiley - cool. Saw Relish, JJ72, Coldplay and the Chilli Peppers (who really got the crowd going. The sight of several thousand people spinning their tops over their heads like helicopters is amazing!).
Slaine continued to fill up till about 8:30, when 'The Boys are back in town' burst out over the PA to begin to warm everyone up (U2 last played Slaine Castle 20 years ago, when they supported Thin Lizzy). That was mild compared to the reaction when they came on stage to 'Elevation' however and things just got better from there! smiley - smiley
Having seen U2 before (on the Zoo-TV and Pop-Mart tours) I know what sort of a reaction they get when they play 'When the Streets have no name', but it was nothing compared to seeing 80,000+ people getting ready to explode when they launched into it on Saturday. It was an amazing atmosphere.
Bono dedicated the concert to his father, who sadly had died that week, and, in a very emotional moment, thanked God for taking away his Dad's old sick body and giving him a bright shiny new one, before playing 'One' in his memory.
Has to be a contender for the best concert I've been too. Amazing stuff. smiley - winkeye

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Only a couple of days to go now until I'm off to a, hopefully sunny, Dublin to see U2 play Slaine Castle! smiley - smiley
Should be a really good weekend. I've seen them a few times before, but never in Ireland. Hopefully all the hassle spent getting tickets will be worth it smiley - winkeye
As has been said many times before, "Rock and roll!"

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