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Hola from your ACE, BaB-

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Kristina the Flamenco Dancer - PS of Duende, Muse

*sweeping in*

My, what a lot of abbreviations - and I have no idea what they mean!smiley - smiley

Anyway, hi and <./>welcome</.> to h2g2!

I see that you've already found an article to comment on - but you have also posted a comment titled 'British National Anthem -- U.S. Version' - on your own user page, where few would see it. If you're looking for a discussion/feedback, I suggest posting at <./>Askh2g2</.> or the Forum A1146917 instead - both places are frequented by a lot of researchers.

To find out what this site is all about, I recommend taking the <./>DontPanic-Tour</.> when you have the time.

If you're looking for more articles, or discussions to join in to, check out the h2g2 <./>FrontPage</.>. It's updated each weekday and has a lot of different links.

Feisor has created a page with links and tips that you might find useful: A719840.

If you have any questions about h2g2, just ask - we <./>ACEs</.> are here to help! You'll find the most commonly asked questions (and answers) at <./>DontPanic-FAQ</.>.

Have fun exploring!
Kristina smiley - rose

Hola from your ACE, BaB-

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Hi, ACE,

As an absolute newbie to your site, I managed to post something where no one would ever find it. But I didn't have time at the moment to surf around and learn all the ropes.

I was trying to add a comment to the conversation about the British National Anthem, but it got posted separately instead of as an addition. But, that's the way things go when you don't know what you're doing.

Thanks for your response and suggestions. I'll try to spend some time tracing those pathways.

As for BaBd . . . etc.: Don't give it a thought. I was asked for a name and I preferred a nom de plume, and that's the first one that came to mind. It does have some literal meaning, but you needn't worry about that. And if I 'splained it you probably would think it the height of arrogance, so it's just as well to glance briefly and pass on.

Best wishes,

Hola from your ACE, BaB-

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Kristina the Flamenco Dancer - PS of Duende, Muse

The height of arrogance? Why, now you've really made me curious..smiley - winkeye

Have you tried the Infinite Improbability Drive on the h2g2 <./>FrontPage</.> yet? I find it quite fascinating, as it will give you a new Edited Entry every time you hit your refresh button.

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