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HTML and Annoyance

 It's very annoying to code in HTML all day and then add an entry or two to a journal and realize that HTML isn't supported in the journal.

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There should be more holidays. There aren't enough people who are being honored! There should be a gopher day--not for the animal, for the poor souls who have to run around buying lunch and making coffee and taking in dry cleaning. There also should be a laundromat worker day. Laundromat workers are greatly underappreciated. So are fast food chain workers, and telephone operators. In parcitulat there should be a telephone operator day. Telephone operators are very, very vital. What else would you do when you can't get the damned pay telephone to dial collect for your life? And HOW would one get directory assistance for another state? I say we should proclaim NATIONAL TELEPHONE OPERATORS DAY! No, WORLDWIDE TELEPHONE OPERATORS DAY! (can't forget those important telephone calls to Botswana) This will be my NEXT CRUISADE!

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Web Pages

Web Pages are a strange earthly anomoly. Everybody thinks that *their* webpage is special and that everyone else will CARE about it. Well, it's not true! Some large figure (which i estimate to be around 99.9999999999999999999999999999%) of webpages are PURE DREK! You heard me, DREK! Who cares about someone's little doggy or their most hobby of collecting lint or their sweet sappy little lovebug engagement page? It's sickening, already! Pages which aren't personal homepages are often boring boring TV or hobby pages. ENOUGH already. If it's there in 20 places, why put it there again, and again, and again? And if you're not being original, at the VERY least admit it. I'm not original! My webpage is mostly drek! It's  horrible! It's junk! But i admit it! It's openly junk! And you can click on the the link to my junk above! See?! Even I've caught the self-promoting disease! When will this end?


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This is my first Journal Entry

This is my first journal entry. I have a couple of things to cover here.
1. Why am I wasting my time on this?
2. Why not?
3. It isn't as though I had anything better to do, is it?
4. Come to think of it, TV probably isn't better.
5. Except maybe -some shows-.
6. A new space left intentionally blank for the purpose of replacing the space which had previously been left intentionally blank that I just got rid of.
7. I wonder what people tend to write here.
8. you ever think that words for numbers should have the same number of letters as the word means? Such as two should only have 2 letters. Three should have 3. Four DOES have 4 so that's a good one but they messed up again with five. And six, that one's just plain silly. It's as bad as 10!
9. I probably should stop writing this list now.
10. You probably have more important things to read.
11. Yeah, that.
12. I think I'm going to go take that nap.
13. That's a good idea.
14. This here is filler space.
15. This one two.
16. This one isn't filler space, it's just kind of useless.
17. This is COMPLETELY uselsess.
18. This goes beyond useless into the realm of probably shouldn't exist.
19. Ohhh I'm not even going to get INTO the uselessness of THIS number.
20. This is number twenty. Twenty only has six letters.


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