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mas tequila?

 the prom was a f*****g blast. well, the prom was pretty much what i expected, but after the prom was a f**king blast. some people have like no alcohol tolerance. then they get funny. but this one kid steve was fine one second, then he was like sitting in the bathroom with his head in his hands. but he was ok, i guess. heidi either fell asleep or passed out, i wasn't really sure. but she was fine in the morning. that was so much fun. i think i've been in withdrawal ever since.

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just kinda bored

 i'm feeling up today. probably going out with heidi tomorrow or saturday night. aced my big calculus test. i seem to be one of the few in that class that knows whats going on. i should know, i'm majoring in math at bu. well, planning on it, but plans change. just saw dead man on campus. i recommend it. it's cool. note to self: find out what color dress heidi is wearing to the prom.

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 Going to the prom on the fifteenth with heidi pechie. gonna ask her to dinner or a movie as soon as possible. Just rented my tux, only cost me $64, i was impressed, even though it wasn't my money. God, i need a job, life sucks right now.

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