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I read an article in a magazine about 'Facilities Management' today (don't ask why) which was discussing the merits of employing a Fool (with a capital 'F') To summarise: someone who always questions, makes people laugh, is argumentative for the sake of it etc. the list goes on... is a valuable asset to any team as he promotes teamwork, creative thinking and lots of other buzzwords and mumbo-jumbo.

Now on the whole, I agreed with the jist of the article (written by David Firth out of interest) and in an ideal world, it is/would be a good strategy. However this is the real world!

Now when I tried being an employee (I gave up 7 years ago) I was a classic Fool (with a capital 'F') but it never got me anywhere. In my experience, the larger an organisation gets, the more inefficient it gets, too full of politics and personalities. Bosses, and managers and all other responsible suit types are totally irritated by any Fool like behaviour and snuff it out. Being an employee is no life for a Fool, so I got out and now work for myself. I'd recommend it to any other Fools out there.

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Harley Davidson

I keep getting into heated discussions with people from next door (a bike paintshop) re the merits of 'Harleys'. Now I like big, unpractical noisy thirsty things (I drive a '79 V8 Range Rover) and if I had a bike it would be a Harley. My neighbours however are into whizzy japanese race things, and expect me to be impressed by 0-60 times of 2 point something seconds, 0-140 (!!!!!) times of 10 point something and top speeds of 200mph. Why? I would much prefer to thump about on something that makes your knees tremble without breaking the speed limit. 

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Not that I've got anything against them as hunks of metal, after all they are much the same as any other internal combustion engine driven machine with four wheels; it's the perceived behaviour of Volvos that get me due to the effect that driving a 'safe vehicle' has on the driver.

Volvos tend to have ABS, side impact protection, air bags, crumple zones, anti-submarine seats (????) and a miriad of other features that tend to make the occupants feel immortal. So they drive more dangerously, more unpredictably, and with less general consideration for other road users.

It should be a pre-condition of Volvo ownership that prospective purchasers should spend at least six months before hand in a Skoda, or even better a Reliant Robin! 

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