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It's Worse

Well, since that storm yesterday everythings just been getting worse and worse and worse. I finally made it to the closest spaceport and hopped a freighter of Greego Snifelbidder, a very successful smuggler, although I was not aware of this at the time. In order to get on to the freighter I had to promise to never look over my right shoulder (this guy's a nut case, watch out.)
Well needless to say, Intergalactic Space Patrol got a whiff of what was going down and ambushed us as we were coming around Tudniel in the Gamma quadrant. I won't go into all the idiotic crap that went on then, but lets just say I hope another freighter comes by soon, the void of space is not a fun place to be floating around in. Help.

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I'm just sitting here in on Safornite 3 in a deadly sand storm. Luckily I have my towel to keep me safe. 

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Wow... this is cool.

What a vast galaxy this is. All of you are here, and I have found
my way here too. I've got my towel... what else do I need... I know
what I need, I need a BLASTED TIME MACHINE!!!!! Star Wars is still
more than two weeks away, I don't know if I can make it! HELP!!!

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