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Cat Chronicle the first 24 hours

Having decided that we have room for another cat to be a possible companion for a younger cat who is a bit of a loner, we visited the cats home.
After a good look round there was a good looking white cat with grey markings who took our fancy, he was a year old and had been in the cats home since a kitten.
He look perfect fit healthy and been to the vets for the snip operation. So we decided to give him ago, it started well picking him up was simple, well picking him up was not absolutely correct he attached himself to an arm with teeth and claws. Good start the evil growl that he omitted rivaled an air raid siren.

Ten minutes he lost the struggle and went a**e first into the travel box, in the car and home. After driving home to the accompaniment of muttered threats of a fearsome revenge, we took him inside and put the cat box on the hall floor. All the other looked on in wide eyed horror and rapidly vanished.
Time to release he shot out of the box like a champion race horse and started an inspection of surroundings, with in 5 minutes he had chased off three of the other cats the others glared at him from the top of the bookcases. He then disappeared under the sofa easy to find due to him issuing manic growls and general threats.

Feed time came and went with a failure to tempt him to eat, by bed time he had migrated to an upstairs bedroom where we left him (under the bed) with food water and litter tray and a cat bed on the wooden floor. He went silent and we looked in several times and he was quiet and curled up on his cushion.

In the morning he was up and awake an so was his mood an attempt to stroke him was received by a swipe of a claw that would be envied by a ninja and he coughed. Ok matey down the vet check up, the vet asked us to take him into the examination room.
We did warn her but he was to quick for her, we had to take the box apart to get him out.
The cough was diagnosed as hair balls medicine was supplied and he liked it, strange cat.
Now could you clip his claws says me pretending we had no clippers. First claw was difficult but with three of us holding him down one up to us!
Cats learn fast, claw 2 was a disaster he released he was being disarmed, and he was going down fighting it took two vets to defeat him, it cost them several scratches and one good hard bite. Must admit he did put up an epic struggle.
It appears that his mood with us improved as we did not inflict the defeat on him and his mood has become more mellow with us and the other cats.
An interesting 24 hours, more later. smiley - cat

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Where have you lived

It occurred to me that there are people here who live or have have lived and worked in some interesting places world wide.

Perhaps it would be interesting to find out how far some hootooers have roamed especially if they have owned or rented a home in far away places.

Even if you have moved around living in various places in just one country, the comparisons and stories would make very interesting reading.

It could result in an excellent entry.

smiley - biggrin

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SNAPE as a new Star Treck Captain

Discovery has finally found up its captain, Jason Isaacs aka Lucius Malfoy.

That sounds interesting!smiley - cheerssmiley - cool

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Anyone interested in relaunching this

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Richmond Park byelection

Any Opinions

Richmond Park by election (electing a brexiter) could mean another referendum or the end of this government.

What do you think.

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