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Life on Mars (h2g2 anyway)

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Well, someone has finally posted a message on something I have commented on.

Loved your website by the way. I am going to launch one of my own shortly (other than the pathetic little one I have running now anyway) but it will not be as fancy as yours as I am a database person and not a web authoring person.

Two questions, how can you live in the North East and not talk about football and secondly, where was David Bowie in your list of musical favourites?

Life on Mars (h2g2 anyway)

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Thanks.. glad you liked my web site.

I can live in the North-East and not talk about football because I can't stand football, it bores me to death. Sadly the stereotype is one of a bunch of brainless monkeys with shaven heads expressing all their repressed male emotions as a love for football; even more sadly, it's largely true. I, however, am an exception to the rule (and some others do exist).

Anyway, I'm moving to Bedford soon.

Bowie - Hm, liked his 70's stuff, what can I say..?

Life on Mars (h2g2 anyway)

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Brainless monkey's with shaven heads? Isn't that Peter Reid?

Life on Mars (h2g2 anyway)

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You said it, mate!

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