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Primus has changed drummers a few times, but their two main people, Les Claypool, and Larry LeLonde are still there. Les has been referred to many times as a bass guitar god, but this has yet to be proven. Les has done some side projects, and was originally in a band called Sausage. He is now fooling around with a project called the Flying Frog Brigade, as well as another band called Oysterhead.

If you are interested in Primus, there are several albums, all of which are not very good for the beginner listener. Primus is very strange, a bit hard to follow, but generally a good time. Just don't try to slow dance to it. For starters, try buying "Sailing the Seas of Cheese", which is their first album. This contains many a good track, and contains some of the less odd songs this band has made over the years. If you don't like this CD, you should probably stop thinking about listening to Primus and plunk down your money on an Aerosmith or Beatles CD.

If this CD intrigues you a bit, all of the rest of their collection are equally interesting/awful. "Primus Sucks" is an often chanted phrase at a Primus concert, which is in fact true. They do suck. But in a good way. Much like how something being "bad" means it is good. I guess you had to be there.

Certain songs to find by Primus, in no particular order:
"My Name is Mud"
"Jerry was a RaceCar Driver"
"Winona's Big Brown Beaver"
"Amos Moses"
"Mr. Krinkle"
"John the Fisherman"
"Fish On"
"NIB" (with Ozzy Osborne)

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Actually, Suck on This (a live album) and Frizzle Fry were released before Sailing the Seas of Cheese.

I agree that none of their albums are good for someone interested in giving them a try. I think Antipop (the last release before their hiatus) would be the best bet for beginners though, even though all us fans know that their old stuff (pre-Punchbowl) was far better. The song "Antipop" is probably their most instantly catchy song, and their most un-Primus. It gives a good idea of what to expect from their legendarily funky basslines (perhaps "funky" is a poor choice, it's really an amalgamation of a few styles).

I strongly advise anyone adventurous to check them out!

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