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Not wishing to put you on the spot

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I know you are busy smiley - hug

could you though possibly offer some friendly guidance in a workshop capacity on this potential entry or point in the right direction?


I am going to ask Dmitri too because you are both lovely

I am not sure that forum is really subbed too and well, I can't help with the Guide stuff but it would be a shame to let a good rumpot go to waste smiley - whistle

smiley - hug

Not wishing to put you on the spot

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Hi Peanut, nice to see you here. smiley - hug

I found the 'Intergalactic Rumpot' on the Edited Guide Writing Workshop. I must admit I don't usually hang out there, and I don't know how many comments articles placed there are likely to attract. The only comment I found was by Gnomon, which suggested leaving out the Hitchhiker's Guide jokes.

The rumpot does sound a very fruity and rather powerful cocoction,smiley - stiffdrink which could well find a place on the Edited Guide. However, the article does need a bit of rewriting, because the English is not always easy to understand.

I don't know Deus_X. Does he want a few tips or a major rewrite?

I think my advice would be: put the English first and the German second. Simplify the article, leaving out the Hitchhiker's jokes, as Gnomon suggested, and concentrate on the recipe.

I could do an edited version - but it might not be what he intended, and I don't wan't to go muscling in where I'm not intended to be! smiley - smiley

Not wishing to put you on the spot

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Hi mvp

thanks for the tips, think that is probably what Deus was after rather than a rewrite smiley - cheers

Dmitri has said similar to you

smiley - hug

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