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It's the Pink Panther theme

No, it's Durham University. I am there, or here, all relative really, but nevermind. I'm here doing physics, and other student type things...

Not a lot else to say really, as no one reads it, it's just an "I woz ere 00" type thing. Must stop talking to myself

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Latest reply: Oct 17, 2000

Well, I wanted a job....

After lot of looking I am going to have to resign myself to the fact I am going to have to write the book.

Any one who has any ideas on doing this please tell me them.

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Latest reply: Jul 8, 2000

I need a job

Well, with only three more exams to go I need a job, obviously I have no idea where to begin or what I should do. Of course writing is not a good excuse to give to your parents and unless someone offers me a large amount of money it is never going to happen.

Ah well, three guide articles, someone must like me.

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Latest reply: Jun 21, 2000

Not another...

Well, once again you are approved to read my writings, for better or for worse...

One day I may actually put a bit of my book up here. (Now approx 60 pages.)

I recently had a swimming gala and won my race, and our relay team won, I may actually get back into swimming...

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Latest reply: Jun 11, 2000

At last he has made it

Well after a year I finally get something sensible into the guide...

Oh dear, perhaps I need to try and be sensible from now on......

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Latest reply: Apr 14, 2000

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