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All hail the almighty SATURDAY. (Oh wait... I don't work full-time, normal hours.. why do I care
if it is Saturday?) Nothing like a rainy day of housework to cheer
oneself up :P Oh well. I guess it isn't that great of a day anyway.

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Latest reply: Jul 17, 1999


It keeps ticking. 3 more days of high school. I find this cool, even if no one else out there does. HELLO!!! I AM ALIVE!!! (As you can see the response to my user pages and journal has been underwhelming.) Oh well. Such is life. Fortunately I'm a bit more optimistic than Marvin. Off to Caltech in the fall -- probably will have even more work there. Life goes on. I need to go finish something I procrastinated on for a long time. Now it's due tomorrow. 

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Latest reply: May 28, 1999

AP Testing

If anyone out there knows what AP Tests for high school students are, and especially if you have taken them, I share the pain with you for these two weeks. I can't wait until the madness is over -- rhetorical strategies (aka English Language) are awful and linked lists (aka Computer Science)were just too abundant on the test that I took. Yech.

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Latest reply: May 14, 1999


Lately I have been attempting to have lucid dreams and failing. It's really quite disheartening. I keep meaning to do the little tests that I'm awake during the day (if you can change an object with your mind alone or if when you close your eyes and open them text changes, you are in a dream), but I always forget. All I manage to do is remember strange dreams about people and places from my past. But that's pretty interesting in and of itself, so I guess I shouldn't complain.

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Similar to other days: Go to school, learn stuff, act strangely, eat,
sleep... repeat. Life happens. I think that I need to add an entry to
the guide about school.

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Latest reply: Apr 29, 1999

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