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Researcher of Aud phenomena

Lately I have been attempting to have lucid dreams and failing. It's really quite disheartening. I keep meaning to do the little tests that I'm awake during the day (if you can change an object with your mind alone or if when you close your eyes and open them text changes, you are in a dream), but I always forget. All I manage to do is remember strange dreams about people and places from my past. But that's pretty interesting in and of itself, so I guess I shouldn't complain.


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I've found lucid dreaming isn't all it it's cracked up to be. My problem was once I
started, it was a hard habit to break. Dreaming just isn't as fun when you know it's a
dream and you can control anything. It's more interesting to let your subconscious
have a bit of fun and get all those sick repressed ideas out on its own.
PS: I'm your neighbor, user 29009.


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Researcher of Aud phenomena

Well, maybe I'll have that problem if I ever manage to have one again (I had one once for about 30 secs) I'll keep that in mind tho... thanks smiley - smiley


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Darreny-Warreny (32619)

If you're interested in Lucid Dreaming, why not check out my article? It's on my home page at the moment, but after eight weeks, it must be ready for rejection (or acceptance!) pretty soon.


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I heard a few people say that, and the thing is, just because you _can_ change anything, that doesn't mean you have to. Your subconscious will gleefully continue on its way if you choose to just watch. I find the entertainment value of being to do whatever you want in dreams far outweighs the alternative. After all, what would you rather do - go out and have fun, or just watch TV?

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