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That's a bit of a biggie to close!

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I'm not really here

Where is the discussion? The warning? My son has just been thrown off this site with no warning! It was good for him to be able to post on here if he chose.

This is disgusting.

That's a bit of a biggie to close!

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lil ~ Auntie Giggles with added login ~ returned

How are we going to stop non-UK youngsters from signing up?

That's a bit of a biggie to close!

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There is only one thing worse than being Gosho, and that is not being Gosho

How are you going to stop any youngsters from signing up - all they have to do, presumably, is tick the box that says 'I am over 16 years of age'.

That's a bit of a biggie to close!

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I'm not really here

I'm just cross because this has come up again and again over the years, and it's always been seen as a good thing to have under 16s. We wouldn't have had Newt, or EMR to name but two if this policy had been in place the whole time!

Suddenly we're kicking out perfectly good Researchers. If this is to do with those Raven kids then it's even more despicable to blame all kids. Most people who pick up hh books are under 16!

Couldn't we have had some discussion about the best way to handle this, instead of throwing out any these? No debate about whether perhaps 14 might have been a better age, or blocking under 11s? Not even an email to these poor sods to say what's gone on?

I am furious about the way this has been done. I'd like someone to come round here and explain it to my son. He didn't use h2g2 much, admittedly, but it was a way he could keep in touch with me and some of the Researchers he's met when away from them.

Those CBBC sites are rubbish for a child like J as he's got no clue what they are all going on about.

That's a bit of a biggie to close!

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I'm not really here

And the worse thing is, J can't even complain about it, cos he's just been banned. For doing nothing wrong. Never having a post removed, causing no trouble (unlike mum) but he's apparently 'safer' on a site that his mum isn't allowed in to watch over him.

That's a bit of a biggie to close!

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novosibirsk - as normal as I can be........

Yes, a BIG mistake in my view. EMR always had some good points to make, and I didn't know for a long time that she was so young.

So who made the decision?

Put your hands up!! - then try to explain...........


That's a bit of a biggie to close!

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minichessemouse - Ahoy there me barnacle!

there appear to be researchers who iknow to be under 16 whose personal spaces are still there.

if kids can use bebo and facebook from age 13 then why not here? if they were here before then why chuck them off why not just change the sign up thingy but let existing researchers stay.

minismiley - mouse

That's a bit of a biggie to close!

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novosibirsk - as normal as I can be........

...and, my screen no longer shows the links originally visible.

Who removed them , and why?


That's a bit of a biggie to close!

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Yvonne aka india

Safe Surfing..?

H2G2 is an open forum, no off-site chat rooms, everything visible to all users. How can this be considered a danger to young people, who have a great environment to experience and contribute to.

That's a bit of a biggie to close!

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lil ~ Auntie Giggles with added login ~ returned

novo, you are in a different thread smiley - erm

That's a bit of a biggie to close!

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Malabarista - now with added pony

smiley - bigeyessmiley - cross

I'd just convinced my little sister to come here, for some proper grown-up discussion. Hootoo is a friendly place. Much better than most open forums/chats!

That's a bit of a biggie to close!

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Milla, h2g2 Operations

My daughter is a hootoo fan - books, tv-series and new movie. And she had an account here. I am very saddened. What is the point of this? Hootoo has lots of intelligent adults, even if some are very very silly, and we are nice, usually. The place is modded, and there is a strong sense of what's appropriate - offensive things get yikes by members of the community.

This is not ok. smiley - sadface

smiley - towel

That's a bit of a biggie to close!

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Titania (gone for lunch)

I've always seen h2g2 as a kind of refuge, a safe place for persons who are young in years but mature in personality.

These kids probably have very little in common with others of the same age, and here they would be judged only by the way they expressed themselves and their ideas - and I've been very surprised to learn later on that someone who were very well versed turned out to be so much younger than I had thought.

And now the BBC are telling these people to 'go play with the other children'?

That's a bit of a biggie to close!

Post 14

Witty Moniker is probably the most sanitized website on the planet. So how can there be any harm in allowing children access to it? smiley - weird

That's a bit of a biggie to close!

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Amy Pawloski, aka 'paper lady'--'Mufflewhump'?!? click here to find out... (ACE)

I sent off an email (started it this morning, then realized I had 2 people to get to 2 different schools ASAP) because PaperKid's account is a bit smiley - weird--it's always been ran like it's her account, but I've been the one completely in charge, because I started it while I was still pregnant with her, and she's just now learning to read. I was going to let her do a bit more with it once she could read and type herself, with me with her the entire time (probably under her, as she likes to sit on my lap and ask about the smileys now anyway, and wants me to read to her...) because she's only 5 now.

*sees if she can sign in as PaperKid*


*retrieves details*

Ah--I'd given all my info when I started that account, because Faith didn't *have* a birthdate yet...

That's a bit of a biggie to close!

Post 16


I just saw this thread after logging on for the first time in a few months. Has anything new happened, or is it the same top-down deciding from the powers that be as always?

I'm delighted to hear my name mentioned here as an example of one of the young'uns. I joined h2g2 at 14, and I credit it with having gotten me through high school with the preservation of my sanity. I'm absolutely serious about that, too. I've had some of my best conversations here, and learned a lot about the experience of writing and editing that set me up for the paid writing gig I have now, and the work I'm doing at university. Much of that occurred while I was under 16.

It's a joke and an insult to any 14-16-year-old to say that the CBBC boards would be a better place for them. I can tell you without looking at their content that it would be insipid and dull, and that the mean age is almost certainly younger than the middle teenage years--absolutely the antithesis of h2g2 in every way. It's great that the BBC provides online opportunities for younger children, and those who seek something less serious than h2g2, but it's ridiculous to limit kids to that. I would think it's in the best interests of the BBC, which has had a long history of valuing education and intellectualism, to foster dialogue between teenagers and adults and encourage teenagers to expand their thinking, writing and discussing skills by contributing to h2g2.

I know there are concerns about safety. I grant that my first run-in with an unsavory and dangerous adult on the Internet was here on h2g2. But I could have found him anywhere--on MySpace or Facebook or, indeed, on the CBBC boards. However, this was a powerful learning experience for me, and I became stronger and more responsible for it. I've never again been duped by someone like that, and I'm actually very glad that it occurred in the context of this very nurturing and open environment.

The month we got broadband in my house was the month I discovered h2g2. It was my introduction to the Internet, and for four years it was my home. It was a fundamental aspect of my teenage years and I'd hate to think that some other lonely kid who wants to write would be denied that opportunity.

That's a bit of a biggie to close!

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kea ~ Far out in the uncharted backwaters of the unfashionable end of the western spiral arm of the Galaxy lies a small, unregarded but very well read blue and white website

Nice to hear from you emr smiley - smiley

As this was a bbc decision, not an h2g2 one, I think it's safe to assume that the people making the decision would have no idea about the value of what you have just raised. It's still really hard to understand how h2g2 is seen by the rest of the bbc, if it is seen at all.

I'm curious, did you put your real birthdate on the sign up page?

I'd be interested to know if when someone is joining for the first time now it's obvious that they can't join if they are too young (and hence can use a false birthdate).

That's a bit of a biggie to close!

Post 18

Traveller in Time Reporting Bugs -o-o- Broken the chain of Pliny -o-o- Hired

I think we should blame the smiley - cheerssmiley - huh

That's a bit of a biggie to close!

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2legs - Hey, babe, take a walk on the wild side...

Its pretty telling that there (as far as I can tell), hasn't been a single response on to this thread, a very serious and relivent conversation, by a single BBC/H2G2 representitive.
And if they do want to read this, it just took me less than five minutes to find a couple of active reasearchers, still using H2G2 who are clearly under 16. So good job I'm not about to go groom them.... It doesn't protect anyone, except the legal team in the BBC, who're wrong anyhow as far as I can tell in their interpuritation of where and what the law might say on this.


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lil ~ Auntie Giggles with added login ~ returned

This post has been removed.

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That's a bit of a biggie to close!

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