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Hi Orinoco,
I notice you're the editor of the hilarious "Handy Latin Phrases" on That collection has been making the e-mail rounds for years, usually with no credit to h2g2 -- and in fact the h2g2 entry has only a small footnote that credits the real source, Henry Beard's book "Latin for All Occasions," which is incorrectly named as "Latin for Everyday Occasions."

I have NO relationship to Henry Beard or his publisher or any financial interest in this, but it might be nice to give the guy more credit. It is just one of numerous books by the prolific Mr. Beard, who BTW is also the founder of National Lampoon magazine, author of "Miss Piggy’s Guide to Life," and "Bored of the Rings", which should tell you something. His other opuscules on linguistics include "Latin for Even More Occasions"; "X-treme Latin: Unleash Your Inner Gladiator"; & "X-treme Latin: All the Latin You Need to Know for Survival in the 21st Century".

Those books are available on for roughly ten bucks each, or as little as ten cents for dog-eared copies. And unlike the purloined collection that we Netizens keep circulating, the original books are greatly enriched by lavish illustrations, complete with copious cartoon balloons…. Accipas quod dispensas (You get what you pay for).

Amazon also offers another funny & useful? book, "Which Way to the Vomitorium?: Vernacular Latin for All Occasions", by Lesley O’Mara and Rose Williams. That one includes such priceless phrases as Esne ebrius iterum? (Are you drunk again?), Paene adventimus? (Are we there yet?) and Suntne illi glires novi? (Are these dormice fresh?).

I've got a lot more of their phrases I could send you but there's no room here.

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Latin for All Occasions

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