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Abi - Celebrity Interrogator Extraordinaire

As you will now know, I am no longer working on h2g2. I have decided to add some context to my leaving, just so you know that the decision to go to another team was mine.

I have been looking for a different role for sometime and about six weeks ago was offered a job outside the BBC. I had become aware that my job was making me unhappy and it was time to look for a new challenge! I didn't want to leave the BBC, so when I was offered a chance to work on the Celebrity Q&A team, I jumped at the chance. Many celebrities and experts later, I know I made the right choice.

I want to thank Natalie for being a brilliant boss, Sam for his songs, Jimster for his gorgeousness, Mina for being a star, Ashley for being his own wonderful, incomparable self and Anna for being a tower of strength.

I want to thank the Community for the contributions you have made to h2g2. I have no doubt that the project will go from strength to strength.


smiley - pony

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A Jack of All Trades

Hi guys

I am following Ashley's lead and am going to be helping out in another team. Live Chat have decided to give me a try despite all they have heard about me from Whisky and Master B.

But don't worry! I will still be popping in regularly to do a bit of support, finalise the updating scheme and to make sure you haven't trashed the place.

smiley - kiss

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My time has come!!!

Mwahhahaha! The initial stage of my plan for world domination is coming to fruition!

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Racing Geek Alert - Saturday will be a grey day!

I am so excited - I am going racing on Saturday at 'headquarters' or Newmarket to the rest of you. (And no Master B, I know I have big front teeth but I am not competing.)

The reason is Saturday is a special day in racing terms. It is the first time in this country that a race has been restricted to grey horses. Apparently greys only races are quite common in the Southern Hemisphere, but are a new idea over here. I was so excited by this I nagged IanG into taking me along. No doubt he will be retiring to the beer tent.

Racing fans tend to have a soft spot for flying greys - Desert Orchid, One Man, Grey Shot, Call Equiname, Environment Friend and (permanent Grand National bridesmaid) dear old Suny Bay to name a few recent stars. *goes misty eyed*

Any way I am very excited about this, but it is going to look very weird in the paddock. Come to think about this the race will look amazing but very weird.

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If at first you don't succeed...

try, try again!

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