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I'm Back...

smiley - ok

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Latest reply: Sep 2, 2003

Book of the Future

Hello all,

For the next seven weeks I shall be working on Book of the Future - aiding in the launch and maintenance of that DNA site.

I dshall however be working one day a week on h2g2 so all is not lost. I shall still be nurturing the Edited Guide and helping the UG find its feet - promise.

And I shall most definitely be back.

Any questions, then fire away.


smiley - kiss

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Latest reply: Jul 15, 2003

3 Years to the Day

Dear All,

Just a quickie to say that today marks my third year of working on h2g2 - a partnership that I hope will continue to grow as the Guide does.

Thak y'all for making this site what it is. smiley - cheers

Ashley smiley - kiss

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Latest reply: Feb 3, 2003

Good to Be Back

Hello One and All,

Well I have to say that I have had a great time away and that I am more relaxed and refreshed than any man has a right to be. My time away has allowed me to put my life into perspective and prioritise my life choices accordingly.

I haven't logged onto h2g2 for almost a month - my absence has allowed me to appreciate the site for what it is and reinforced my desire to push the Guide and Community forward in positive directions - I'm looking forward to collaborating with everyone on new developments and ideas.

I've learnt from my mistake in the 7CW thread in PR (as I said at the time) and, as some of you have seen, I have applied what I have learnt in the various PR threads I have participated in since. Many thanks to Lucinda who has helped me shape my attitude over the past two years since we've all been looking after the Edited Guide. He will be sorely missed.

If you have any queries or moans, please leave me a message on my page or in the relevant Conversation (although I may have unsubscribed so my page is the best bet) - I'll see it at some point. smiley - smiley

Here's to a great New Year,


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Latest reply: Jan 7, 2003

Ho! Ho! Ho!

Dear One and All,

Just to let you know that today is my last working day of the year as I'm leaving tomorrow for Texas and I won't return until Tuesday, January 7th.

For anyone who is interested, I will be leaving tomorrow and I will fly into Chicago and then onto to Austin where I will be met by the Cowboys. From Austin I'm going to the ranch where I intend to spend several days relaxing, riding and reading. I will most probably go to Fortworth and maybe grab a rodeo in Dallas and hopefully catch up with GTBacchus.

On December 23rd, We fly into Baltimore/Washington (hoping it's Baltimore so I can catch up with Jimi X) where we are visiting our friend Kevin who is preparing us a Xmas day brunch. We return to Austin on the 27th.

On December 28th, my partner, David, is flying in to spend six days on the ranch - during this time we will be driving into Mexico as well as doing all the tourist sites in San Antonio and Austin. We leave Austin on January 3rd (so we will go shopping) and arrive in London early on the Saturday morning. I return to work on Tuesday because I'm seeing my family on the Monday.

So there you have it. I wish all of you who celebrate this time of year a very merry Christmas and for everyone else I hope the forthcoming year brings you happiness and prosperity.

Much love,


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Latest reply: Dec 10, 2002

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