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TaeKwonDo is a Korean martial art meaning hand foot art. It is a military art, which is thousands of years old. It has developed into a modern form, which focuses on teaching self-control of the body and mind. The use of the legs is concentrated on with lots of spin and jump techneques .


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In the late 20th century, old taekwondo practioners were characterised by their much infighting and constant reorganisations. Many sceptics thought this was a desire for more capital gains, but later research showed it was a reaction to the lack of physical opposition as they weren't allowed to fight in competition any more!


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General Choi created TaeKwonDo in the late 50's. It is based on various forms of Karate and on some older forms of Korean martial art. Some of the arts TKD is based on are very old but details of these arts' history are sketchy.

There are two major styles in TKD, the ITF style ,which was the origional version promoted by North Korea, and WTF style, a breakaway form promoted by South Korea.

ITF style is similar in execution to Shotokan Karate with much more emphasis on kicks. The competition side is semi-contact, usually with gloves being worn and pads on the feet also. A padded helmet is also worn.

WTF style is the style which will be in the Olympics from the year 2000. It is similar in execution to Wado-Ryu Karate but, as with ITF, there is much more emphasis on the kicking techniques. Competition in WTF style TKD is full contact where points are scored only if your opponent is physically moved by a blow. Pads are worn on the shins, forearms, chest and head. This way full contact competition can be maintained without undue numbers of injuries.

In America, the dominant style practiced is ITF with WTF style a way behind in popularity. TKD is usually scorned by people in America as mass market and unuseable.

In the UK, the dominant style is WTF style with ITF not far behind. Managed slightly more sensibly in the UK, TKD does not suffer as badly there as it does in the US.

For details about ITF TaeKwonDo please read any book by Hee Il Cho. For information about WTF TKD please refer to any book by Sang H Kim.


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In 1990 Grandmaster Park Jung Tae, started the Global TaeKwon-Do Federation or GTF. The GTF is similar to ITF in many ways but there are some philosophical issues that differ. In the northern parts of Europe GTF is gaining and getting more and more members. In Norway GTF is the largest Budo association. Earlier this year (1999) Grandmaster Park was challenged by the Malaysian ITF, as they wanted to figth him. Grandmaster Park won, and now the whole Malaysian ITF is becoming GTF. There are also the ATA (American TaeKwonDo Association) and the TTU (Traditional TaeKwonDo Union) and a few other styles with some members spread around the world.


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But in norway, GTF has been changed to NTN, which stands for National Taekwon-Do Norway.

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