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Snoozing Bee

I found a bee taking a little nap in a globe mallow blossom in my back yard and took a photo.

(let me know if this link doesn't work)

I've heard that bees are not as industrious as we commonly think and that they do take naps, but I'd never seen it until now.

smiley - biggrin

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What's in a name?

There is the case of Mr. & Mrs Hogg naming their two daughters Ima and Ura. This is unfortunate, of course, and there are many more such cases - we can only feel sorry for the children.

Some name/jokes are only slightly less obvious - my father knew one Richard Baird. One work day, they happened to both be standing at adjacent urinals and my father happily announced, "Here I stand with Dick Baird." (He had been waiting for this opportunity for some time.)

As for me, I would never actually saddle an innocent child with a name sure to become tedious over the course of a long life, BUT I can certainly understand the temptation. I saw a truck the other day with "Holloway Construction" painted on the door, and I thought, "That's it - If MY last name was Holloway I would definitely name my child Heavaway."

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A Politically Correct Boundary

Here's a question that occurred to me - What is the smallest political boundary one could draw that includes each of the United States inside it?

By way of an answer, suppose this question had been asked of the citizens of Washington D.C. - they would have promptly drawn the boundary exactly around Washington D.C. and then declared, "We are outside!"

Perhaps they are.

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On this day

On this calendar day in history - I was created, then I evolved, but into the most compelling argument against intelligent design that you could want. Take that Mr. President. smiley - cake anyone? smiley - biggrin

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Backwards Brain

My brain, while unattended, often casts idly about for signs to read backwards. It's actually tedious and unrewarding most of the time and I try not to notice. However, every now and then it reports back with items of interest. In Washington, D.C. there is actually a street named 'Tunlaw'. This was fun because it was intentionally spelled backwards in the first place. More recently there was the case of a shoe repair store in Roswell named 'Burtons'. So that was fun too.

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