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I have way too much to do. It's a good thing, really! But I do hate to have to decide which projects I do first. There are so many fun and interesting things to do.
I have done several interesting and challenging projects since my last entry. My future is looking to be more along the lines that I prefer. I still do some of the tedious modeling and production portions of design, but I can take a bit of it when it is balanced with the fun conceptual parts of design.
The project with my friend has gone well, but we are both busy with other work and so it is going a bit slow.
My most favorite project was put on indefinite hold. I can only wait to see if I will ever get to continue on it. I was so looking forward to working on it.

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State of the Union

Riding high off a recent (and brief) peak in my career; I am now a drift with nothing in particular to do. The future is as uncertain as always, and yet somehow I feel the need to get a grasp on its wily ways. The need to take control of my universe. The need to direct my path though the continuum. The need to do something really interesting. If only I knew what that something is.
It’s not like I don’t have any ideas. I am full of ideas. But they all seem too big to achieve on my own and with the few skills I have gained. The thought of working on more tedious stuff is not a pretty one. But by joining with a friend who has some complimentary skills, I think I just might be able to get some really fun stuff done. We’ll see,


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