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it made me think of you

What would You do
if I told you I loved You
would You laugh
or taunt me
if You thought that I cared

Do You think that I'd lie
when I tell You I've missed You
would You tease me
or hurt me
if my Heart's not prepared

What would You say
if I told You I need You
would You stare
or leave
and say nothing at all

Do you think that You'd smile
when I say I've done something
as Stupid
and foolish
as Falling in love...

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some things...

everything moves
some things stay
some things don't

and your voice in my head
singing along
to every song
I hear

everything moves
some things heal
some things don't

freezing rain
and warm blankets around us
hiding in
blissful sin
and your laughter

everything moves
some things last
some things don't

and smart ass comments
about stalling
and falling
in love

everything moves
some things fade
and some things
don't need to

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life is a fish bowl.... and I don’t know what that means

I don't want to hear your "sweet words"
they taste like poison to me
I don't want to dream of better times
I want to live them

I want to lie to you

I move this mouse up and down the screen
because I want to
I listen to the soft music of the ice in my glass
and taste the lingering sweetness of
something you never gave me

I want to scream

I suppose I'm afraid
I suppose that it doesn't matter

I want to live the life that I remember
I want to cry like it didn't matter
I want you to stop talking to me
and realize that I've stopped listening

I want to feel your hand in mine
just to know if your still there
just to know that I'm still here
and that I can feel

I have nothing else to write
and I think it's stupid that I wonder
...if that's okay with you

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no timeline on remedy...

Your eyes are yellow
like the sky before a storm
like the morning when I drove
for 2 hours
just to find

because you said
you'd meet me there

Your voice is dark
like the night you kept me warm
like the shadows on the road
where I waited
just to find
No one

because you said
you'd be someone

was I wrong
to think you'd meet me
halfway down this
broken lane

were you gone
from the moment
you left me in this
falling rain

Your eyes are yellow
like the sky before a storm
like the starlight in the trees
when you asked me
not to say

because that's everything
I wanted to hear

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To the one who made me who I am:

I smiled today...

When my world was crashing down...

When my eyes burned with the want to feel...

When the idea of another mask made me sick...

I smiled

You made me that strong

I don't know who the hell you are...

You taught me not to question such trivial memories...

You taught me not to need such an identification...

You taught me to be Nobody...

I learned

from the best

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