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Oh my giddy aunt!

(heh, I learned that line from Conker's Bad Fur Day).

I wandered into the Virgin Megastore the other day and, to my surprise, there it was! Zone of the Enders for Playstation 2!

Is it a good game? Who cares! It's also got a playable demo of Metal Gear Solid 2! They had one copy left, and I bought it without hesitation!

When I got home, I tore at the cellophane wrapping like a starving wolf would deal with a little bunny rabbit. I snap the thing open and...


Plus, it was the last one they had in stock. In the gaming world, this is what is known as 'mental torture' What kind of sick joke is this?

At least I picked up Warriors of Might and Magic at the same time, so I have something to play whilst I wait for their next shipment to arrive some time this week (and believe me, I've got dibs on that shipment).

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Latest reply: Apr 2, 2001

I heart my laptop

Once again, I can compute _and_ watch the Canucks lose at the same time. Hooray!

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Latest reply: Mar 29, 2001

Confusing or what?

My weevil pages are back. When I went to them before, I was told that they were hidden, pending moderation. I interpreted this to mean the folks at h2g2 would eventually get around to it, censor it accordingly, and then un-hide it. I even read elsewhere on the site that re-submitting it (just cicking "edit" and then "update") would only make it take longer to get moderated, since it gets put back in the "pending moderation" queue.

Well, it turns out that I'm just stupid or something because once I re-submitted the pages, there they were (sans pictures, of course). I obviously misinterpreted the phrase "this page has been hidden pending moderation". It clearly means "this page has been hidden pending you simply re-submitting it".

I should have stayed in school.

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Latest reply: Mar 17, 2001

Censorship, anyone?

Is anyone else out there a little... put out by the state of their converted "pre-BBC" h2g2 account? Can't help but notice that all of my pages are shut down pending moderation and that all external URLs seem to have been disabled, which means no pictures. At all.

I'm having a little difficulty seeing just how h2g2 has improved since being picked up by the BBC. In fact, h2g2 seems to be rather lacking its original spirit.

For god's sake (can I say that anymore?), they've shut down my weevil church pages. Is nothing sacred?

If I don't get my pictures back, I'm out of here.

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Dammit, Telus...

I thought the transferral of my Telus account went rather smoothly, until Buttercup pushed my buttons smiley - smiley and caused me to want to do a little spring-cleaning on my page (OK, it's winter, not spring, so sue me - better yet, give me candy instead, it's more fun).

So off I go to modify my webspace and lo! I no longer have any access to it. My username/password doesn't work. Even my old username and password doesn't work. Doh! Unfortunately, I can't just phone them and get them to fix it - the only way to get webspace support is via e-mail.

So here I sit, just itching to redo my page, and I have to wait God knows how long before they get around to ignoring the e-mail I sent them. Curses!

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Latest reply: Dec 15, 2000

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