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What shoes...

are you wearing? smiley - smiley and what do they say about you? smiley - bigeyes

Please tell!, I really am interested. smiley - winkeye

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Song Lyrics

It's deep, how you can be so shallow.
I'm afraid 'coz I have no fear.
And I did'nt beleive in magic.
Till I see you disappear.
Everyone is somebody.
But nobody wants to be themselves.
If I want to understand me.
I have to talk to someone else." Gnarls Barkley - Basically

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I'll be back!

Hi to all of my friends...puters down smiley - sadface not sure when i'll be back on but miss you all & look forward to catching up smiley - kiss

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The days you laughed, the days you cried
Those were the days that you had pride
In everything & everyone
But now that different now that's gone

Now you've sunken in a land
You know you need a helping hand
Instead you take it in you wing
When all around don't know a thing

God knows what your going through
I'm sure if we beleive that's true
He'll do what's really best for you
So you can go and start a new.

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Broken Hearts

You made me see the light of day
The things you said in that old way
At first I thought that is was love
I felt just like a flying dove

But then it all just disapeared
Which is what we once both feared
We thought our love would never end
But now your not even my friend

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