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I have just discovered what happened at Manchester Arena. I am shocked and will soon be desperately angry.

I hope that all families of the dead and wounded somehow find solace.

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Quiet Time

Hello, my dear friends.

I am sorry to be the bringer of bad news. My father has passed away due to complications related to diabetes. He was 82.

I've been offline because of this, and I've also been dealing with a rather nasty bout of summer heat that's been gripping Los Angeles for the past 2 weeks.

My thanks for your companionship and kindness.

Services will be held on July 2.

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Privacy Issue

Read an article in the Los Angeles Times this afternoon. Apparently there are plans for an absolutely comprehensive surveillance of communication between U.K. citizenry.

Everything,ladies and gentlemen, will be going into some sort of computerized archive..regardless of the feelings of said citizenry.

It'll be smiley - weird to know that there's open eavesdropping going on here..though supposedly theres some sort of apparatus to prevent such stuff from going on


Who's intrested in talking bout this stuff???

smiley - huh

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I know what this is for.

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Today was a day that featured a bit of organized weirdness..smiley - rolleyes

At 1400 EST, our government tested it's ability to use our Emergency Alert System in an effective fasion. The EAS is broadcast on local radio and TV stations across the U.S. at least once per month, but usually under the control of state and city agencies. Today, FEMA and Homeland Security held the reins for 3 minutes...and there was no recognizable difference that I could see or hear.
Two and a half hours later, my class instructor announced that in actuality, there was supposed to be some sort of "terror attack" drill going on...I do believe she may've been fibbing. Quite frankly, I do believe that our little part of Los Angeles would be ignored by terrorists...just my guess, however.

Anyway...all's well here...smiley - biggrin

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