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Amsterdam 29.04.99

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Covered in Bees productions productions

So, last night I threw a baked potato out of the window of my flat and into the road.
The aim of this was to observe and note the movements and eventual fate of afore mentioned potato.
In the 1.5 hour period that I monitored the ' SPUD ', it changed shape once due to an unknown force ( I'm afraid I went for a pee )
and was then sucessfully avoided by approx 20 people on bicycles one of whom came back for a closer look ( this was well worth the wait in my opinion )
Upon waking today I checked the ' aardappel ' ( Dutch for potato ) only to find that somewhen twixt midnight and eight A.M, the poor vegtable had suffered from splatting and was now being consumed by a very fat, and quite unncessary pigeon.
Tonight, I may repeat the experiment with a banana and a kiwi fruit, watch this space for details.  


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Kat Silver (32670)

Darryn! Howz it going? I've finally got my page sorted - took ages to work, and my journal looks really odd - I don't thinks it's too happy about me using HTML in it. Oh Well I'll learn! Go leave me a message pleeeeze! Love the unnecessary pigeon - but they all are really aren't they? When did you last find a pigeon that was a useful member of society? Oh - an idea for a user page I feel! C'ya!

The Potatoe Liberation Front..

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In view of the heinous crime which has been perpetrated against a fellow tuber I must, with complete conviction ,
issue a jihad of the first order against the criminal responsible for this.. This is just one example of how
' Root Veggie cleansing' starts We must take a stand now and not allow our brothers and sisters to be mashed,
boiled, baked, fried, and otherwise abused..
The air attack with cruise carrots ( who are willing to sacrifice themselves for the cause) will begin as soon
as possible...

spud you did not like

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Hurry up and wait

think of the children

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Amsterdam 29.04.99

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