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September 29th 2006

It is now only a fortnight to Harry's second birthday so as you can see I have been a little lax in updating my journal.

He is walking and talking. In fact, he is a bossy and cheeky little so and so. Last weekend we went for lunch and every time someone came into the restaurant, he started shouting telling them where to sit. smiley - smiley

He loves books and cbeebies. He still uses a lot of sign language and contrary to popular belief it hasn't held back his talking.

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Week 17

I cannot believe it has been so long since I have written but then time just flies by when you are having fun.

Harry is now in his own room and sleeps for long periods of the night. He does exhaust me all day though - he just will not play on his own and I cannot put him down for a minute. I am told that will get better but I don't believe it.

We go out and do lots. On Mondays we have chiropractice, and a group called Peeps. Tuesdays are free but in mid April we will start Sing and Sign. On Wednesdays we go to baby massage and I am trying to arrange swinning. Thursdays are our visiting day where we go to see people or they come to us and on Fridays we have baby clinic and mum and baby group. I do more now that when I was at work.

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Week Seven as a Mum

Can't believe I have made it this far. The beginning of the week was awful as Harry appeared to have a tummy problem and refused to sleep. I reached the point of exhaustion on wednesday night but Doug helped out and we got through it. He was an absolute star on Thursday as it was my works christmas lunch and he took a day off to look after H so I could go. I had a great time and the break did me a lot of good. I had to come home about 6pm as my boobs were on the verge of exploding with milk. Harry didn't know what hit him when he went to feed!

Friday was a much better day and I even managed to walk to the mum and baby group in the next village. It obviously did us both good as we slept really well. Harry is already smiling lots and likes to play with both of us. Today we bought hima play gym for christmas because he loves the one at the playgroup. As he has no idea what of when christmas is we let him have it now and he spent ages hitting at it and cooing this afternoon.

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Week4 as a Mum

The combination feeding is working a treat and H is just such a happy baby. He has long sleeps and long wakeful periods and has started to talk to his toys. Last night I got a massive 7 hours sleep so feel almost human again and this morning he only wanted a nuzzle at the breast and he has conked out again.

next weekend we are going to visit my family for his first time and I am dreading the amount of stuff we will need to take with us. I think I better go and hire a removal truck now!

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