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I hate exams. So very much. Oh well, 3 down, only 16 more to go. Revising is so boring though. If I was learning new stuff I could cope, but I already know the basic gist of it all and it's just too boring to reread it all. I'm sure I'm gonna go insane! In fact if it wasn't for my friends and my (amazing, wonderful, brilliant) boyfriend I would probably be climbing up walls.
Any one out there doing I exams - I empathise and sympathise with you. I'm sure they'll be worth it in the long run. (I'm sure they will ... I'm confident they will ... I hope so ... perhaps?)

What else have I been doing? Ummm. Rereading "Inconceivable" by Ben Elton. V funny and v moving book. Read it now!

At least it is nice and sunny. Working at the falconry in this weather is great!

Is it just me or does the train of thought in this entry jump about an awful lot? ... I can hear the men in white coats tramping down the corridor

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Latest reply: May 23, 2001

Does this bit really matter?

Hmmmm... well thank goodness Easter is over. Far too much chocolate was consumed. Not even going to bother with stepping on the scales - far too depressing. Have started 2 new web pages. Any advice would be gladly welcomed. I'm never very good at these entries. I just waffle on about nothing particular. Ooh, went to see bridget Jones' Diary on Wed. Was sooo funny. (Helps that I'm a Pride and Prejudice fiend.) Am now reading it. The book is even better than the film. Everybody go out and read it NOW!!

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Latest reply: Apr 18, 2001

I have to put a name to my incoherent ramblings?

Well... I should be revising for my GCSEs or tidying up but this is more enjoyable. (Actually, that's not saying a lot because ANYTHING would be more enjoyable). I like the new look here. Sometimes it takes me ages to get on, but hey, that's life.

I'm not entirely sure what else to say... my life is very boring. Ummm.

Oh well, I'll write summat later when I have something vaguely interesting to say.

Oh yes, anyone out there interested in falconry? I work at a falconry centre alternate Saturdays as work experience and am absolutely loving it!

Please write - even if it's just incoherent babbling like this journal.

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Latest reply: Apr 8, 2001

It's snowed!!!!

It snowed!!!!
How cool!!!!
I'm going to see my sister in a play tonight!!!
So what is everybody else doing today????
I should be doing Maths coursework but it is sooooo boring

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Well, I decided to write a journal entry although I don't know why. Any one who wants to read the incoherent ramblings of a teenage girl must be completely insane! Never mind, you're in good company here!

Sooooo, what to write, well at the moment I should be doing my Latin homework but I can't concentate on it so I'll do it later. I should also be doing my French but never mind.

So what's the weather like where everyone is. Here we've not had proper snow yet and normally we have snow around Christmas day and definately in February. I like snow... but then again I do like it when it's warm.

I know, what book/play/tv programme etc. does everyone think affected them most in their lives?
For me "Saving Private Ryan" and the play by Robert Bolt called "A Man For All Seasons".
How about everyone else?

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Latest reply: Mar 4, 2000

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