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Whisky, that delightful pale-wheat-to-dark-mahogany-but-mostly-amber drink that originates from the Caledonian regions (with some not quite undrinkable varieties from other places on the planet) has really been on my mind a lot lately.

I like to have a nightcap or a pre-prandial dram from time to time, and the stock in my liqour cabinet presently counts 16 whiskies, whereof there is 1 blended Scotch (relegated to making 'Irish' Coffee and cooking, 2 blended (of which one is a very, very good one (the other is a Tullamore Dew)) blended Irish, 2 bourbon, and 11 Single malts, two of those are single cask.

This Summer was (in part) spent in Scotland, in a week I managed to taste 23 malts and a 32-year-old Single Grain.

I am slowly getting ready to start nosing and noting when enjoying whisk(e)y, but how many around here are into this pleasant pass-time? Is there an organized group already, hiding in a comfy corner of the Guide?

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H2G2 Whisky appreciation Society?

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