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They say you can never go back

I haven't been here for a long time, it looks the same but it's a different place.

Deep, huh.

Off to do a bit of exploring.

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Yikes! Naaah, I think it should be called the Linda button!

Why Linda?

Well it looks like the star of the same name in a certain type of *ahem* movie.

Oh yeah, & it sucks when people use it on yousmiley - winkeye

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Latest reply: Mar 8, 2001

Mailing Lists

I'm amazed - I *finally* managed to unsubscribe from the mailing list.

I originally subscribed when h2g2 did their deal with them - but have been trying to unsubscribe ever since I realised all offers were valid only for the UK!

Multiple attempts to unsubscribe were ignored by & finally it worked!!!!

smiley - biggrin

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Where have all the journals gone?

Where have all my journals gone & can I post this without having logged in.


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Olympic Opening Ceremony

I've just finished watching the Opening Ceremony.

A potted review for anyone that's interested.
Generally a pretty good spectacle - though I have to wonder if non Aussies would get any of the "in jokes" - the lawnmower guys, the corrugated iron (& corrugated iron dunny), the cardboard box sheep (not even sure I got that one), the Nolanesque Ned Kellys etc. I wonder what US TV will make of bare breasted female Aboriginal dancers - rumour has it that the NBC Today crew had some concerns about the number of topless girls on Bondi beach when broadcasting "live" smiley - winkeye

On the athletes/teams parade - the best bit would have to be North & South Korea marching as a combined team. (Not a bad accomplishment Juansmiley - smiley).

Best athletes costume - undoubtedly the Mongolian flag bearer, a heavyweight wrestler of some sort resplendant in traditional barbarian Mongol horde boots, fur hat & not so traditional (though I'm not sure) leather G-string thing of some sort.

A pretty good show altogether smiley - smiley


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