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It's not a bug, it's a feature!

So I'm hanging out, poking around h2g2 for the first time in ages, and of course trying out the new-to-me Brunel skin. And I trying to figure out why my personal page was upside down compared to the others I was seeing. I even tried a different browser, which worked! Hmm.... Then I noticed I wasn't logged in on that browser. So I logged in, and it changed! Then it finally made sense. When you're looking at your own space, you don't need to see your own intro/about stuff over and over again, but it's good to have your own conversations up top. So not a joke, it really is a feature. smiley - smiley

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Now that's odd

I still have a Sub-editor badge but no Scout badge. I am actually officially separated from both at the moment, due to lack of time. So when you discover there are only 2 or 3 entries in the entire Guide edited by me, you'll know why. smiley - winkeye

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I'm baaaaack

Yep, and it works too. Amazin'. smiley - smiley

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I started to write some cryptic journal entry about some little issue or other and then I decided what's the point? I may unintentionally damage something without actually helping anything (not even my mood). Of course, that seems to happen anyway.

Or I'm just delusional from being up all night.... Nah, probably not that either. The times when I'm up this late I often think pretty clearly.

Does it really matter? No. I'm just typing and nothing really matters. But maybe some things are more nothing than others.

So how much longer should I type without saying anything? Probably not much past here.

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In a word: DSL

Okay, that's not a word, it's an acronym, but you know what I mean. Fast internet access, now available right here in my bedroom. smiley - winkeye

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