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whiskey not whisky

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Now I'm sorry about this I know it's a while ago but in the Colds and Flu entry that you edited you did something to my entry that as an Irishman if find particularly irritating. When I wrote WHISKEY you wrote WHISKY. Now as both are common and correct english usages -one (WHISKEY) means Irish whiskey the other (WHISKY) means Scotch. Both have the same root - uisce beatha (water of life) but they're completely different. And...oh I'm sorry I started this at all it's not as if there aren't enough beligerant (?) Irishmen in the world. bye

whiskey not whisky

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Ha! Don't worry smiley - smiley I'm a belligerent Scot! The rule of thumb here is, that if we're talking about a generic whiskey (ie, not American or Irish), we spell it without the 'e'.

Samsmiley - smiley

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whiskey not whisky

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