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Ear Nibbling

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Insert cute nicname here.

I may develop this into an actual entry if I get ambitious, but I figured I had better jot this down while it was fresh on my mind. Ear nibbling is one of the most interesting things one can do to their love lives.

Whether in the context of sex, making out, or just saying hello, nibbling one's ear will not go unnoticed.

In addition to being a unique greeting, some people find ear nibbling very sensual. I've known people who are driven wild by the slightest bit of hot breath in the ear and a playful bite.

Ear Nibbling

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Uhm.. I mean..

You have? Who? smiley - winkeye

Ear Nibbling

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Insert cute nicname here.

Yes, but I have to withold the name to protect the guilty.

Ear Nibbling

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I'll bet that's a pretty long list. smiley - winkeye

Ear Nibbling

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It is a real live Approved Entry now smiley - smiley
BCNU - Crescent

Ear Nibbling, and why it isn't common place....

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Arcturous, questioning all that is established since the establishment.

Although I would have to whole heartedly agree with you in that ear nibbling has been known to get me further than my charm and to get past girlfriends the untold sums of money that I SWORE I would never spend on them, I fear I must point out to you a very good reason why ear nibbling could never be as common place as a greeting:

I work with people who have to shave their ears.

I shit you not, these men have to shave the tufts from their ears once a week. Three times a month at the least.
So if I were to nibble your ears in a greeting, but not my co-worker, I would then be accused of discrimination, or playing favorites. Which then leads to the gossip about us seeing eachother outside of work, sleeping together, plotting against other co-workers. It just snowballs from there.

No, I'm afraid I'll have to keep my nuzzling and nibbling to cozy nights ay home on the sofa, or on a dance floor. Although when you dance alot there's the whole sweat thing, and you have take a beer with you on the dance floor to wash out that salty taste.

To hell with it, nibbling on sundays only! Just before bed.

This was fun.

Ear Nibbling, and why it isn't common place....

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Hmmm... You do make a good point... But I personally would rather not limit myself to a once-a-week nibbling. smiley - devil

I'll have to have a go at finding that entry, then, Crescent.. Congrats. smiley - winkeye

'Nonniesmiley - rose

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