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School !!

Woot! Classes finally start back up tomm. After a year of not being in school, this is the best smiley - laugh
I finally got switched to the arts, and I'm working on declaring my major. I have a feeling this is going to be a great year smiley - biggrin

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Relay...Done! :-D

Well the Relay is done for this year.
The whole event went off with out a hitch. And the running total as of 7 am June 7th, is just over $75,000 and counting.

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The Relay has come again!!

Well It is once again time for the Relay for Life here. In one week 41 teams will pull together and walk all night in support of cancer research.
Our house has been gladly taken over in getting ready for the event; from typing up sheets to track each teams money, to folding team shirts, to making up packs for each team. And this is all just the start smiley - winkeye There's quite a few hours of work to set up, count money, walk, light lumanarys, clean up, and count more money before we are even close to saying this year Relay is done and good. But we're lovin' every min of it.

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Finally have internet back!

After 3 months of struggling with the internet and computer companys, I finally have internet access back. *lets out a fustrated, but realeved sigh.*
I'm glad to finally be back and capable to do all the things that I do online smiley - biggrin

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Relay for Life

So I spent this friday night and satarday morning of a sports track. You ask help people, I would reply.
Last night was our local Relay for Life. It is a night long event (12 hours) we all stayed up and walked around the track to raise money for cancer reserch. Its a fun event...with teams and contests, and a great bit of money raised to help people who suffer from cancer.
We not olny walk the track for people who have had or do have cancer...but we honour them as well, with an opening Survivors’ Victory Lap. And a Luminary Ceremony to honour thoughs who are fighting cancer and celebrate the memory of those who didnt win the fight.

Now heres the thing that got to me this year...We had a great clear, cool night for the event, and sound travels a lot on these types of nights. Now most of the town knows that we do this event...and most of them are there at one point in time or another. But then there are the few who dont get it.

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