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I'm getting married....

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The Masked Ermine

Or at least that's what the Post office thinks...

I went to my mailbox today, I usually don't get mail so any little bit of paper is a wonder, so anyway, I went to my mailbox and when I saw a huge bundle of magazine-like paper in my box I just about had a heart attack. SO I excitedly turned my combination and openned the door yanked the bundle from the wall's orifice and was thoroughly let down by the fact that the giant magazine bundle was a single magazine titled, "Bride"!

"Hmm," I thought to myself. " I don't remember subscribing to this publication. I don't even remember being asked if I wanted to get married."

So I walk into the post office, well, office, and well there was a young lady there that looked at me rather oddly... I held the magazine on high.

The post mistress looked up and said, "591?"

"Err, yes," I replied awe struckedly.

"Yes, she left here a couple of years ago..." Said the post mistress. "I suppose you wouldn't want that magazine then."


"Well, give it to me," Said the afore mentioned young lady, "My roommate's getting married."

So I promptly handed the young lady the magazine and left skulkily, again mailless... smiley - sadface

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I'm getting married....

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