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Whew, made it over!

Thanks to the gurus - I made it over! Now to re-arrange the furniture and settle in! smiley - smiley

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Grr. My son just bought a motorbike...

smiley - doh

It arrived yesterday, out of the blue with two big burly tatooed men. I thought they had the wrong address, but no, it was Alex - on the quiet, not a mention. Grr.

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Douglas Adams grave

Have you seen this? Mark walked past there yesterday on his Tubewalk he dropped by to visit.

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Peta says: Goodbye h2g2! And thanks for everything...

Hi h2g2-ers.

This is just to let you all know that I'm leaving the BBC at the end of July, it's been a long run, time to move on now.

I've been working with people and online communities since 1999 when I had the great pleasure to work with Douglas Adams at The Digital Village, on h2g2.

As many of you will know, h2g2 came to the BBC in early 2000, and acquired me too - as h2g2 Community Editor. After a while I moved on to work on the other BBC online communities, blogs and message boards and so on.

I've really enjoyed the eight years I've spent working at the BBC, but I've been offered a *really* wonderful new job and it's far too good an opportunity to turn down.

So from the BBC point of view this is it for me. I'm off at the end of July, and start my new job in September. I'm taking a month off as I want to give being a slacker a good go!

I'll undoubtedly come back to h2g2 at some point and say hi, I definitely hope to!

Take care everyone, it was the best job ever being h2g2 Community Editor! smiley - hug

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Mark Moxon is Tubewalker: The Tube. On Foot.

Mark Moxon, ex-Editor of h2g2, has just started his latest project as Tubewalker!

He's walking the entire London tube network on foot. You can follow his progress via his website and you never know, if you live in London he may be striding past a tube station near you shortly! Go out and wave an h2g2 T shirt or something! smiley - smiley

He's got a blog about his walk here...

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