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Whew, made it over!

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Thanks to the gurus - I made it over! Now to re-arrange the furniture and settle in! smiley - smiley

Whew, made it over!

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smiley - cool

You now realise that after all those years of having to behave yourself because you were a BBC employee on a BBC owned site, you're now free to be as badly behaved as you want!

Time for payback? smiley - winkeye

Whew, made it over!

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Jimi X

smiley - smooch

Just found the door in myself.

Busy time for the gurus I reckon. smiley - winkeye

Whew, made it over!

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I'm not involved, but I can hear the screams from over here... smiley - run

Ah well, we'll get through it.

Lovely to see you two back (and Whisky, but I've seen him more recently.smiley - winkeye).

smiley - fairy

Whew, made it over!

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Hi Jimi... I see you've been hit by the 'nameless researcher' bug as well smiley - yikes

Whew, made it over!

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I've just rejoined. No plans yet for any new articles ,but will think about it.

Whew, made it over!

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Just passing - it's Pastey's fault letting me back in.


Whew, made it over!

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Yeah yeah, blame me...

Ulterior motives and all that though... fancy coming back to the Gurus? Or rather, fancy joining the All New And Improved Gurus?

smiley - rose

Whew, made it over!

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I can't even remember the smiley codes so I'm not sure what help I'd be.

Probably no, but email me any details.


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