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Back to normal(?)

Well, I got back to the UK safely a couple of weeks ago, although I can't recommend 2½ days of travelling to anyone. I'm now trying to get the house sorted out, having been away for so long - it's a big job.

At least my internet connection's been sorted out now, but I'm still having lots of problems connecting to h2g2 - I seem to get the 'server too busy' message almost constantly, no matter what time of day I try. Strange how my connection seemed to be better when I was a few thousand miles away...
Hopefully this journal entry will work, but if it doesn't I guess that's just life (and probably symptomatic of the universe and everything smiley - winkeye).

Right, time to get back to clearing out the spare room...

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Famous people

Well, for the first time ever, I know the star of a major Hollywood film! smiley - cool Tilda Swinton, 'starring in The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe', (whom I always thought deserved to be in bigger films, anyway) used to live just 3 miles from me. My parents are friends with her parents.

I remember reading something somewhere that you're only ever 6 people away from anyone in the world. i.e. You know Z, who knows Y, who knows X, etc. The theory was called something like 'the 6 person link to the world'.smiley - hugsmiley - hugsmiley - hugsmiley - magic

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Burning the candle at both ends

Well, it's 2 Jan 2006 and I'm mostly recovered from lack of sleep. I worked to 3pm on 31 Dec, then prepped the bar I help out in, until 4:30. Then I got about 2 hours sleep, before coming in to help for the Hogmanay (New Year) party. smiley - cracker I left there at 3am, to go straight into work for a 12 hour shift.

I would have left this journal entry yesterday, but I couldn't type coherently for a while. If I'd been able to drink at the party I wouldn't have felt so bad, but I could only have one drink (at midnight) because I was going into work! So I had coke all night, then smiley - coffee all day; of course, that meant I had more caffeine in my veins than blood so sleep was a bit tricky when I did finish yesterday.smiley - zzz

Never mind, it's all ok now...

And the party was great!!
smiley - mistletoe
smiley - smooch

smiley - cool

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Came across the entry for the Myth of 42 today (A530560) so obviously had to have a go at my own number. Unfortunately for my brain exercises, it worked out WAY too easy, so I'm now trying to find some more complicated solutions.

Read through a LONG thread about trolls and trolling today (F1599166?thread=1172944) (I honestly can't remember how I got there). Luckily for my sanity (or is that insanity?), it took a worthwhile side trip into some weirder subjects - like the colour of earwax (read that just as I was eating my lunch smiley - yuk) and the fact that the toxic gas produced when you burn PTFE (teflon) kills I said, weird (but very funny) smiley - silly.

One of my co-workers is having a day off today, so I've got a 12 hour shift to of joys. Never mind, I get a day off in three weeks time! smiley - biggrin

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Exploring h2g2

Well, in the interests of having something other than the normal blank space here, here's my first Journal entry.

Today, I've been interrupted in my browsing of LtUaE by a little thing called 'work'. It's a pernicious thing, which apparently affects many people around the world (and probably the rest of the galaxy, not to mention universe, but I don't have any direct proof of this).

In between episodes of the aforementioned 'work', I've been reading about Guy Fawkes and Bonfire Night (for all non-Brits, read A419258 and/or A199488), since it's the 400th anniversary.
(Yep, for all you Yanks, that means we're celebrating something that happened 127 years before George Washington arrived on this planet, 171 years before you got sick of being told to pay taxes which you weren't paying anyway and 178 years before we decided you weren't worth the bother and gave you your independence - which, in retrospect, may have been a mistake smiley - winkeye.)

I've also read about things to do with/on beds (A198119) and have been debating with myself the wisdom (or otherwise) of attempting to find a subject so esoteric that no-one else has written about it yet..may take a whilesmiley - erm.

But never mind, work finishes in 25 minutes and I'm going into town with some friends an hour later, where I'll probably be able to get a small smiley - stiffdrink so things are looking up...smiley - biggrin

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