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Did you know 1.25 million Indians fought in world war 1 that's more than all the Scots,welsh and Irish combined who were at war?
did you also know 2.5 million Indians fought in world war 2 the largest volunteer army ever? why is it white Britain does not know? why is it not been told as our history. no mention of the Sikhs who laid down there lives for freedom and now they look at our turbans and beards and shout bin laden,history and truth should be hand in hand not full of lies like the so called Aryan invasion of India still taught and written about in schools and in history books,but there are now historians and archaeologists daring to speak out like DAVID FRAWLEY,PhD., and GEORG FEUERSTEIN,PhD.,
Britain wake up and see what India and Africa has contributed to this land and is it not time the koor e noor diamond was returned to it's rightful owners.

Your Sincerely


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Dear Ravinder

I have left a response to your messages on your Personal Page.

Regards, Penelope

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